Some NBA fans are complaining that they’re unable to watch the popular basketball league on cable.

That’s because cable operators have blocked the games from some cable channels.

This follows yesterday’s announcement that Digicel Sportsmax has acquired the rights to broadcast the NBA in 30 Caribbean countries, including Jamaica.

It’s the latest in a trend of local television and cable channels acquiring rights to broadcast programmes in Jamaica.

The Voice, Miss Universe, and the Scandal and Empire TV series.

All shows that have been snatched up in recent times by local free-to-air broadcasters.

But now it’s Digicel Sportsmax, a premium cable channel whose subscription package costs 1-thousand-dollars a month, that has bought the rights to the NBA.

Before yesterday, the NBA was broadcast in Jamaica on ABC and TNT which are basic cable channels, as well as ESPN and NBA TV, both premium cable channels.

Digicel Sportsmax has made it clear that the basic cable channels don’t have the right to broadcast the NBA in this region.

As a result, cable operators have blocked NBA games from ABC and TNT.

In addition to Digicel Sportsmax, games are still available on ESPN, NBA TV, as well as Space, a subsidiary of the Turner family of networks.

Digicel Sportsmax President and CEO, Oliver McIntosh, says despite the outcry, NBA fans should be pleased.

Notably, Digicel Sportsmax has also acquired the rights to broadcast the NBA on local free-to-air television.

McIntosh says they’re still deciding what to do with those rights.

Still, it may be little consolation to people who aren’t used to paying extra to watch the NBA.

The Chairman of the Broadcasting Commission, Cordel Green, says there’s nothing they can do about it.

Green says the Broadcasting Commission recognizes the need to educate the public around copyright issues, which are not necessarily easy to understand.

He says the Commission is actively considering that type of campaign.