There were more testy exchanges in the upper house of parliament today when Information Minister Sandrea Falconer was forced to withdraw her accusation that Opposition Senate Leader, Tom Tavares-Finson acted dishonorably by making public details of a secret-CCJ deal which Government Minister Phillip Paulwell had proposed to the Opposition six months ago.

Nationwide News disclosed in May this year that Minister Paulwell had sent a document to Opposition Leader Andrew Holness where he proposed that senior officials in the Government and Opposition sign an agreement which would include a commitment to putting the CCJ issue to a referendum.

Senator Tavares Finson made reference to the document during his contribution to the CCJ debate yesterday.

Responding this afternoon, Falconer accused Tavares Finson of acting dishonorably by using his presentation in the Senate yesterday to make public details of the bi-partisan talks.

But when Tavares Finson objected to her statement, the Information Minister denied accusing him of being making the document public.

Senator President Floyd Morris questioned Minister Falconer’s denial.

The Information Minister then withdrew her accusation that Tavares Finson was responsible for first making public details of the controversial Paulwell/CCJ proposal.

Falconer’s withdrawal came when the Opposition Senate Leader supplied evidence that she had misled the Senate.

Government Senate Leader AJ Nicholson also drew the ire of Senate President Floyd Morris and Senator Tavares Finson when he referred to two media entities as surrogates of the Opposition JLP.