Opposition Senator, Dr. Christopher Tufton, this afternoon dashed the hopes of some in the Simpson-Miller administration that he’ support the passage of the three bills seeking to entrench the Caribbean Court of Justice as the country’s final appellate court.

During his contribution to the debate today, Dr. Tufton told his colleagues that the issue must be put to the people by way of a referendum.

Dr. Tufton is one of two Opposition Senators who the PNP-administration had been said to be depending on to supply the one vote needed to secure the two-thirds majority needed for the CCJ bills to be passed into law.

The Government has been adamant that a referendum is unnecessary. Dr. Tufton told the Senate this afternoon that he disagrees.

The Opposition Senator made the case for consultation. Dr. Tufton commented that it’s unwise to have the CCJ vote when elections are in the air.

He was heckled by Government Senators when he recommended a 1-year delay before a vote is taken in the Senate on the CCJ.