Three men were killed yesterday in separate incidents of confrontation with the Police.

The police say as a result, they have rid the nation’s streets of three illegal guns and several rounds of ammunition.

The latest incident occurred at about 8:00 last evening in the St. Catherine South Police division.

The Police report that a fisherman who confronted them was shot and killed. He has been identified as 19-year-old Nicholas Standford. A 9-mill-metre Berretta pistol was reportedly seized.

Earlier in the same Police division, another man killed. According to the Police, shortly after 5 pm, an unidentified man who confronted the Police was shot and killed in Christian Gardens. A Smith and Wesson pistol and a number of 9-milli-metre cartridges were reportedly seized.

And in the corporate area, a third confrontation resulted in another gunman being killed. This incident occurred at about 6:30 last evening. Reports are, during a confrontation with the Police, a man Jervaine Barnes was shot and killed.

The incident happened in the vicinity of 1st Street in the West Kingston Police division.

A Kel-Tec 9-milli-metre pistol and a magazine containing four rounds of ammunition was reportedly seized.