The race for the four vice-presidential positions of the Opposition PNP is intensifying.

Three contenders are for the first time publicly declaring they intend to challenge for the posts. The Vice Presidential challenges are to take place at the PNP annual conference in September.

East Kingston Member of Parliament, Phillip Paulwell, says the time is right for him to this year challenge for one of the 2nd-tier leadership positions in the PNP.

Paulwell is a former Energy Minister and is the current chairman of the PNP’s powerful region 3.

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Mr. Paulwell has long been talked about as being among the future leadership options in the PNP. But Paulwell is to face competition in his Vice Presidential push from PNP Region 5 Chairman and North West Manchester Member of Parliament, Mikael Phillips.

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How the younger Phillips fares in the upcoming second-tier leadership race is being closely watched by some PNP insiders who are seeking to determine the strength of the elder Phillips among delegates.

Meantime .. Opposition Senator, Damion Crawford, has also confirmed that he intends to challenge for the post of Vice President.

Crawford is considered the most popular politician on PNP platforms across the country.

The former State Minister of Tourism says he believes he has several factors working in his favour as he seeks elevation to the PNP executive table.

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The incumbent Vice Presidents, Noel Arscott along with Doctors, Wykeham McNeil, Angela Brown Burke and Fenton Ferguson are expected to seek re-election

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