Education Minister, Ronnie Thwaites, is defending the Government’s decision to implement a policy which will see thousands of children who sit this year’s GSAT exams being placed according to where they live.

Minister Thwaites says up to 20 percent of the students who sit GSAT could be affected.

Students who sit the GSAT have the option of stating which high schools they would like to attend — whether it’s close to their homes or not.

If they do well enough on the tests, they may attend any of the schools of their choice — if there’s space to accommodate them.

But this year, the Education Minister, says he wants to add geography as an important factor in deciding how students are placed.

According to Ronnie Thwaites, the new policy will see more students being placed at schools that are close to their homes.

He says up to 20 percent of this year’s GSAT cohort — or about 8-thousand students — could be affected by his new policy.

Minister Thwaites says there are other reasons which have guided the policy shift.

But the Opposition doesn’t like the government’s new policy.

Its Spokesman on Education, Kamina Johnson Smith, says the education system isn’t prepared for placing students in high schools based on geography.