Tivoli Gardens’ Incursion 2010, an unforgettable period in Jamaica’s history…

For many in the West Kingston Community the pain lingers , many of whom say they were grossly abused by members of the security forces.

They maintain that a lot if not all of the slain victims were innocent bystanders.

Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the incursion and residents told Nationwide News that the passage of time has not healed the wounds.

Robian Williams visited the Community.

A resident, reflecting on the harsh realities she says she faced during the 2010 incursion.

The resident says there are still many unanswered questions , adding that the first day in the community, May 24- the security forces took control, and there was no reason for the sporadic gunshots and bombing of houses.

She maintains that only women, children and youth were among the victims, as the intended targets had already fled the community.

The woman says she witnessed a member of the security force slapping a 72-year old because she held on to her son.

The residents say there were instances when members of the security forces stole their belongings.

The incursion which lasted three days resulted in the death of over 70 civilians.

Robian Williams for Nationwide News.