Lawmen in Christiana, Manchester have charged two suspects with the death of a foreign national in Chudleigh in the parish.

Arrested and charged for murder are 21-year-old Christopher Hutchinson, otherwise called ‘Indian’ and 21-year-old Tony McPherson, both of Chudleigh district.

Reports are that about 5:15 AM, a security guard who was patrolling a premises stumbled upon a body and summoned the police.

Upon their arrival, the body was seen lying on its side with wounds to the face and body.

The scene was processed and the body was removed to the morgue pending a post mortem.

The body was later identified as 50-year-old Kenyiata Harris of West Green Crescent in St. James and New Jersey in the United States.

Hutchinson and McPherson were arrested within days of the incident.

They were charged after a series of investigative activities, including interviews and an identification parade.