Defence Attorney, Hugh Wildman, says most of the questions investigators asked Professor Pinnock were irrelevant to the corruption charges laid on his client.

Mr. Wildman made the disclosure as he’s intensifying his pushback against how he says investigators handled the probe into Reid, Pinnock and their three co-accused.

The Defence Attorney says Professor Pinnock and former Minister Reid are old boys of Munro College but are not friends.

The Ruel Reid, Fritz Pinnock/CMU corruption case is scheduled to be heard again in court on January 23 next year because the case file is not complete.

Mr. Wildman says he does not believe he’s speaking prematurely in describing the case against the five accused as weak before he’s had full disclosure from prosecutors.

Hugh Wildman, Defence Attorney representing embattled CMU President Fritz Pinnock. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Wildman is rejecting as grandstanding allegations that Reid was the mastermind of a scheme to fleece the CMU of over $50-million for the benefit of himself and his associates.

Hugh Wildman, Defence Attorney.

Mr. Wildman was speaking with members of the media yesterday.