The Ministry of Health & Wellness says no vaccines will be administered today and tomorrow.

Persons due their second dose on these two days are asked not to visit any vaccination centre, but to await contact from the Regional Health Authorities with details of their new appointment.

Vaccination will resume for persons 50 years and older, who are due their second dose on Wednesday, June 23.

The Ministry is further advising that a shipment of vaccines is expected in the island this week and a full roll out of second dose vaccination for all age groups, across the island will resume on the weekend.

The Ministry says persons who’re scheduled to receive their second dose are still within the recommended wait period between doses as prescribed by the World Health Organization, WHO.

The current WHO recommendation is that persons wait eight to 12 weeks between the first and the second dose, in the case of the double-dose vaccine made by AstraZeneca.

Further to that, the recommendation from the experts is, if persons go beyond the 12th week, they should get the second dose as soon as possible thereafter.