Venezuela is dismissing a report from the influential global investment bank Barclays, that it has slashed oil shipments to its partners under the PetroCaribe agreement.

The report by Barclays said Venezuela had cut its shipments of crude oil to PetroCaribe members by 2-hundred-thousand barrels per day, down from the 4-hundred-thousand shipped daily in 2012.

The report also noted that oil shipments to Jamaica, dropped by 74-percent since 2012.

Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Delcy Rodriguez, says the report is a smear campaign to discredit PetroCaribe.

Rodriguez who was speaking with the Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Timothy Harris earlier this week said PetroCaribe is still strong.

She says there’s a war against PetroCaribe, because it brings solutions to the poor.