The President of the Association of Finsac’d Entrepreneurs, Yola Gray-Baker, says the completion of the report on FINSAC Commission of Enquiry does not hinge on cost.

According to Baker, the Enquiry cannot be completed simply because the government does not want the findings of the report published.

“It is our belief that even if the Commissioners said they would [complete the report for free] and it would not cost the Government or the tax payers a cent, this Government would not do it because they do not want that report made public,” Gray-Baker told Nationwide News.

She says if the government wanted the report published, it could renegotiate with the Commissioners to bring down the associated costs.

She says the Association of Finsac’d Entrepreneurs would also provide free office space and administrative services.

Speaking at a post-cabinet press briefing yesterday, Justice Minister, Senator Mark Golding, said the FINSAC Commission ended after the Commissioners failed to complete the work they were paid to do.

“The Commissioners were paid the agreed amounts for their services and they have not completed the work they were paid to do… and they want more money to be found to be able to complete that although the budget was fully expended.
The [Finance] Minister felt that it was inappropriate and [the commissioners] should finish the job with what they have been paid,” Golding told journalists.

The FINSAC Commission – which was set up to investigate the financial meltdown in the 1990’s – ended its sittings in December 2011.

But no report was produced by the Commissioners, Charles Ross and Warrick Bogle.

A request was made for an additional $10 million to complete the report but the Government has not made the provision.

The financial meltdown resulted in several Jamaican homes and businesses being foreclosed and sold with the proceeds going out of the country to a foreign company.