PNP Communications Director, Colin Campbell, is rejecting what he describes as criticism of his performance by PNP Presidential aspirant, Peter Bunting.

Mr. Campbell says the criticism was made Wednesday night on local TV.

The former PNP General Secretary sent what he described as an open response to Mr. Bunting via PNP whatsapp groups.

Campbell told Bunting that among the elements of a clean campaign is refraining from personal attacks.  

According to Mr. Campbell, he’s therefore, disappointed that Mr. Bunting used his appearance on TV to attack him personally by calling his name. 

Mr. Campbell says he considers Mr. Bunting’s criticism as unfortunate as both he and Bunting have been active in the PNP for years and entered representational politics at the same time.        

Campbell wrote that Peter Bunting has no idea of his capacity, capability, effectiveness or his information sources.

Mr. Campbell says he’s a media team leader for the PNP in seven successful general and local government election campaigns.

Mr. Campbell also a declared that he’s a Press Association of Jamaica, PAJ, Hall of Fame journalist.

Mr. Campbell says Mr. Bunting’s criticism of his stewardship as PNP communications director is unnecessary, out of line and an affront to his professional career.