The Ministry of Education says parents and guardians will have access to the Primary Exit Profile, PEP, results of their children today.

In a statement on Thursday, the Ministry says student scores and placement for the 2020 PEP will be available at primary level schools tomorrow afternoon at 2.  

Parents and guardians will also be able to access the results online at 4 today.

It says parents and guardians who want to access their children’s results online may register using the portal parent-dot-dpisonline-dot-com or at parents-dot-dpisonline-dot-com. 

It’s advising that only parents who are listed on students’ examination registration forms will be able to access results in this way.

The Parent Report will comprise of students’ scores at Grade 4 Literacy and Numeracy, Grade 5 Performance Tasks, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts and the Grade 6 Ability Test. 

Schools will need to print the individual report for each child upon request from parents who are unable to retrieve it from the Parent Portal.

Principals and parents at the primary level who may not have access to the Internet and or printing services can also access and print these reports at their respective Regional Office.

Meanwhile, Director of Corporate Communications in the Education Ministry, Colin Steer, says the issues parents are having today regarding registration on the portal should be addressed.

Parents were unable to access the site today in order to register.

However, he says this will not affect the release of results on Friday.