Opposition Leader Dr. Phillips, says he’ll consider having a third party present next time he has to have an off the record discussion with Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Last week, Prime Minister Holness said he advised Dr. Phillips of the government’s plan to extend to 70-years the amount of time before Cabinet minutes are made public and Phillips agreed.

But on the weekend, Dr. Phillips denied that he’d agreed to the move.

Dr. Phillips says he’ll consider having another person present next time he has to have an off the record conversation with the Prime Minister.

In the meantime, Dr. Phillips says he was not being vindictive when he decided to leave doctors Dayton Campbell and Angela Brown Burke out of his shadow cabinet.

Brown Burke was Campaign Director for Peter Bunting’s recent unsuccessful challenge to Dr. Phillips’s leadership of the PNP.

While, Campbell was Mr. Bunting’s Campaign Manager.

Dr. Phillips told media personnel this afternoon that he stands by the decision to exclude Campbell and Brown Burke from the shadow cabinet.

The PNP President says his decision was not influenced by spite or malice.