President of the PNP’s Women’s Movement, Patricia Duncan-Sutherland says the movement hopes Richard Azan and Ian Hayles will reflect and apologise for the attack on Central Manchester Member of Parliament, the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP’s, Rhoda Moy Crawford.

Azan and Hayles, who are both PNP vice presidential aspirants, have been facing backlash after they launched a blistering attack on the 32-year-old Crawford during a PNP constituency conference in Central Manchester on the weekend.

Azan told comrade that Miss Crawford is a bamboo fire who appears as if something is not right with her upstairs.

While Hayles blasted constituents in Central Manchester for replacing Bunting, who he praised as a former Security Minister and successful businessman, with Miss Crawford who he described as a “bench warmer” and “Minister of nothing”.

In a statement issued on Monday night, Mrs. Duncan-Sutherland said “those comments have no place in a conversation on leadership and as a society we must learn to criticise the work of women without questioning their worth.” 

Mrs. Duncan-Sutherland went further to state that the party’s Women’s Movement have started the conversation with both Azan and Hayles and explained the impact of their comments.

The PNP Women’s Movement President says it’s hoped that Azan and Hayles will reflect and apologise for their comments. 

Mrs. Duncan-Sutherland says the PNP Women’s Movement also came to an agreement with the Party’s General Secretary that the Women’s Movement will design and execute a programme of conversation and sensitisation in partnership with the secretariat for all its leaders on how they may systematically uproot the patriarchal beliefs and culture that continue to undermine collective commitment to respect, equality and partnership in Jamaica.

Duncan-Sutherland says the PNP Women’s Movement recognises that as a movement it has two roles to play in the process.  

According to Mrs. Duncan-Sutherland, the Women’s Movement must hold male counterparts to account as well as facilitate  conversations to improve the awareness and understanding of both men and women that the pervasive patriarchal mindset and cultural norms must be discontinued.

The PNP Women’s Movement President says the utterances of Azan and Hayles is a moment for learning, conversation and sensitisation and it’s evident that there is work to be done.

In responding to Azan and Hayles earlier today, Miss Crawford said she’s not phased by their “distasteful” comments but would continue to work to improve the lives of her constituents.

The JLP National Organization of Women, JLP NOW, also criticized the remarks made by Hayles and Azan as “archaic, desperate and reflective of how the present PNP views youth and women in politics”